Introduction of ICTP-AP

The International Centre for Theoretical Physics Asia-Pacific (ICTP-AP) is located in Beijing, China. It is a category 2 Centre under the auspices of UNESCO in cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the National Science Foundation China (NSFC) and the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP, Trieste). ICTP-AP operates in affiliation to the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS) and is an ICTP partner Institute.

ICTP-AP aims to become a world-class research center, a training center for talented young scientists as well as an international centre for academic exchange.


Theoretical physics and related fields.

Special consideration will be given to theoretical high-energy physics, cosmology, gravity and mathematical physics. 

Job Description:

Successful candidates will not only be part of ICTP-AP but will also have joint tenure track or faculty positions at UCAS. Teaching loads are light, salaries are negotiable, and there is a good housing benefit and an excellent start-up grant. 

Successful candidates will automatically be ICTP (Trieste) Associates with the ability to spend extended periods at the ICTP.


Candidates for the positions are required to have postdoc research experience and have a demonstrated ability to conduct outstanding research.  

Candidates are expected to carry out excellent research, mentor Ph.D. students and promote the mission of the ICTP-AP in the region and beyond. 

Application Materials:

  • Cover Letter and Curriculum Vitae;
  • List of published theses;
  • Full text of 10 representative publications in 5 years;
  • Three reference letters from experts in the relevant fields;
  • Proposal for future research and related demand.

Online Application:

Please click "Start Application" at the bottom to fill the application form and upload application materials online.

Please email the reference letters to the following contacts.

Contacts: ICTP-AP Office

Address: No.55, Zhongguancun East Street, Beijing, China.

Phone: 10-82648142